Hill Country Hangout News & Photos

Our 2022 Hill Country Hangout rally, was attended by 124 riders on April 1-3 at the Kerrville-Schreiner Park in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas. The weather was ideal – clear skies, low humidity, temps ranging from high 40s to low 80s, and a gentle breeze in the afternoons to increase the comfort factor. We calculated the total distance traveled to the rally by all 124 attendees – a whopping 46,651.6 miles. The rider who won the “Farthest Distance Traveled” certificate (and free admission to next year’s rally) was Garry Dymond, riding 1520 miles from Mexico City (with his pillion Ivonne Baldwin Sevilla serving as his navigator and companion for the journey). Garry was not only the farthest distance winner, but he was also the grand prize drawing winner of an AGV Carbon Aramid helmet, donated by Alamo BMW of San Antonio TX.

To make everyone at the rally extremely jealous, Garry also competed in our Poker Run and won $305 by drawing a winning hand of a Full House (777/99). (Gary needs to buy some lottery tickets while he’s visiting Texas!) “Lucky” Bill Nichols won the “50/50” drawing and pocketed $384, which will help him pay for diesel fuel for his new motor home. Other big prizes included a Baxley L.A Chock (won by Jason Hubbard), two $100 Gift Certificates donated by Alamo BMW, a $300 discount coupon from Sargent Seats, 3 coax-to-USB connectors from Warm & Safe Heated Gear, a set of Hyper-Lites, and 4 gift certificates from Destination Cycle in Kerrville. We thank all the merchants and the BMWMOA who donated prizes to help make the event memorable for everyone (besides just Garry Dymond).

Special thanks to the many club volunteers who made the 2022 Hill Country Hang Out happen, especially Co-chairs Mike Makowski and Bill Edwards, Grillmeister Marco Nunez who cooked the food, and Dave Hoover and his kitchen team who handled the serving chores.

We had enough attendance to avoid any red ink (cleared our expenses), so we hope to sponsor the HCH again next year. We’ve posted several photos of our rally participants and the park facility. We hope you enjoy scanning through and downloading selected pics if you wish. (Pics were loaded in chronological order.)